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We Have A Baby

We have a baby. We went from having no kids to having five kids to now having six kids all in the matter of months. People always asked us "how the hell do ya'll do it?" My answer has and always will be "it's God." So our baby girl has been with us now for about a month and all seems to be going well. The kids have adjusted with their emotions of her being in the home with us now. I assured them that nothing will change our love for them. I included them in everything that needed to be done with their little sister. My oldest girl started actually carrying one of her baby dolls around doing everything that I was doing for her little sister to her baby doll. I fed her little sister, she fed her baby doll and if I changed pampers, she changed pampers. When we left the house she had her baby doll with her. I made sure that all the kids had their one-on-one times with just me and then with me and their baby sister together. This allowed me to make sure that emotional all the kids were doing okay all while having them bond with their little sister. I wanted to make sure that no matter what they all felt loved and that they knew it wasn't her fault that she was with us but that she was someone else we all needed to protect. Even though it has only been a month, I think now would be a good time to take a family trip. Get away to enjoy ourselves and just get the kids a chance for a little fun after what they had experienced a month ago.

This time we decided to go to The Mall of America in Minnesota and to check out a children's museum. We packed up the van, loaded in all 6 kids with car seats, filled the gas tank and hit the highway. Just like our previous trip to St. Louis we stayed in another Extended Stay so that way we could have meals in our room instead of eating out the entire trip. The kids were super excited to get to the mall because I told them all about the huge amusement park located in the middle of the mall. But they had to wait until the next day because once we touched down it was all about relaxing from the long drive.

We got up early that Saturday, had breakfast in our room, kids played a little and then we got everyone dressed and off to the mall. Now remember we have 6 kids ages 1 month, 2 yr old, 4 yr old, 5 yr old, 6 yr old, and 8 yr old. You can imagine the looks that we got and all the "oh boy, you two stayed busy" comments. I purchased a double stroller which work out for the baby and the 2 yr old because she wanted to be carried at times since she had been used to being the baby of the house. We went from rides to rides until the kids finally decided that they were hungry. We figured since we were in the mall so why not eat in the mall. The kids wanted chicken and guess what chicken place was in the mall, HOOTERS. Boy, this was a funny dinner. The boys were looking at the ladies with the nastiest looks on their faces while the girls kept asking "why they got their panties on bringing people they food?" We explained to the kids that they were dressed in costumes and that they were shorts and stockings. After getting over the way that the waitresses were dressed, the kids enjoyed the wings and loaded tater tots. Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel room so we all can turn in for the night.

Sunday, our last day in Minnesota, we found a children's museum so that the kids can run off some energy before we hit the road back to Chicago. The kids got the chance to see a different part of another city, create memories, and just be kids. On the road back home, the kids were super excited to talk about their favorite parts of out trip. They couldn't believe that they had the chance to go play at the Nickelodeon Universe and try the hottest chicken wing that every had eaten. After singing along with some of our favorite gospel songs the little ones finally checked out. We made it back home safe and sound and got everyone ready for their next day of school.

Out first trip down as a family of 6 kids all under the age of 9 went better than what I thought it would since this was all new to me. The best part about it all, is that not only did I get see how excited my babies were to know that we were a family but I had a sense of my family being complete. When tend to question God at times when things are happening and sometimes He will reveal the answer to us and at other times the answer comes later on. What I can say is that I did ask God, why did He give us another child and an infant at that? My answer finally came almost 2 years later. I bet you can't wait to hear the answer. Well, you have to be patient because we have some more growing pains and joys to get through. Trust me, the wait will all be worth it!

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