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St Louis Here We Come

So months have gone by, school is going well, we survived our 1st allegations and we are moving on. Feel like it is time for us to do something as a family. Give the kids a sense of just being kids and feeling like they actually belong in a family. So road trip it is. Got all the necessary paperwork together, packed our bags, purchased traveling beds for the boys, packed snacks and cooler and off we are headed on I55 South to St. Louis, MO. I heard about a 3 story children's museum that the kids would love and of course we have to go to the St. Louis Arch. The kids were super excited about their first road trip. They had never been to St. Louis so they had many questions. They wanted to know where we would be staying, how we going to cook to eat, and how long will it take us to get there? We left on a Friday morning and came back on a Sunday evening.

So now we on the road, kids have their pillows and blankets and we blasting music singing along. After awhile kids begin to fall asleep and the road was silent. I booked us a room at Extended Stay of America so that way we have a kitchen area to cook our meals. This allowed us to save money on not eating out the entire time we were on vacation. We go out for at least 1 or 2 meals and the rest we will cook and eat in the hotel. I try to make it as home as possible so that the kids don't feel too much out of their norm while still feeling like they are on vacation. We finally made it to our hotel, checked in, and the kids were super excited about being in a hotel. It was the thrill of sleeping somewhere besides home. Our 1st night, we ate at the hotel. I cooked a dinner and we watched a movie. Everyone took their nightly baths and went to bed since we had a busy day planned for the morning. The boys were so giggling half the night because they got the chance to sleep on the traveling beds which were no more than individual children cots. While the girls slept in a queen bed together.

It's Saturday, our 1st full day in St. Louis with 5 kids all under the age of 10. We ate breakfast in our hotel room, got dressed and headed on our way to The Magic House, St. Louis 3 stories children's museum. I think I was more excited than the kids. We went all the way to the top floor and worked our way back down. The kids did pretend play, went into the U.S. court system, build the Chicago skyline out of blocks, took a ride down the slide to the bottom floor played in water, visited the gift shop, and much much more. When I tell you I went from excitement to exhaustion in hours, all I wanted was a bed. But all the playing just pumped them up for food and more play. (BTW, I had packed some snacks for the kids to have while at the museum.) We left The Magic House and found a place called The Pizza Ranch. The Pizza Ranch is a all you can eat pizza buffet. This was the 1st for us all. You could get different types of pizza off of the buffet line or have them make one of the specialty pizzas off the menu. Of course we tried some of everything from your regular sausage and cheese to a cheesy mac n cheese pizza (which ended up being everyone favorite). After stuffing ourselves up on the pizza when went in for the dessert pizzas. The kids were super joyful to know that they could just eat and eat and eat then get a pizza just to eat as dessert. Once everyone bellys were full, we headed back to our room for the night and got ready for out last day in the Lou.

Now since Sunday was our last day in St. Louis, we went out for breakfast to IHOP where the kids got to order their pancakes with faces made from whip cream and fruit. And then off to The Arch. We get to The Arch and the kids faces showed how confused they were to what The Arch is and what we were going to be doing in this strange place. We buy tickets to go to the top, board the little train elevator and off we went. What I didn't know because this was also my 1st time at the top too, was that it goes so far up and then you walk a few steps the rest of the way. Inside the kids got the chance to sit up and look at the windows to see how far they were up. To my surprise, no one was scared. The kids were so amazed that they were so high up and was able to see things far away. It definitely was a great new experience for them all. We didn't stay up there too long because remember we had to get on the road and start our journey back home.

Back on I55 and back to the Chi we headed. This time the kids stayed up for majority of the ride singing, talking about all they did and saw and just having a grand oh time in the van. We made it back safely, unpacked the van, and headed to bed. I tell you I was tired, however, all I could think about was what will our next trip be. So until then, I'll hang on to these mermories.

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